OMG, this week has been a blur.  Sometimes I feel like I’m losing it.  Let’s just get to the Thankful Thursday blog post for this week, shall we?

1.  I came home one day after work and the landlord had painted this old farmhouse!  Now it’s all white.  Looks pretty cool.

Thankful ThursdayThankful Thursday


2. I can’t get our new cat (whom I haven’t named yet!) to sit still for very long in order to get a cool shot of him (or her – I don’t know this part either).  (S)he’s very friendly and always likes to rub up against our legs or be petted 🙂

Thankful Thursday


On the Fitness/Nutrition Front 

3.  Since I’m not doing a PiYo workout each and every day according to the calendar that came with the program, I thought I’d do some kind of workout for at least 10 minutes after work, so I’ve been lifting weights to work my triceps.  I have some serious “wings” I’d like to tone up! lol

4.  We harvested quite a bit of the tomatoes in our vegetable garden that have started growing like crazy.  So I made my first batch of the season of my famous salsa haha   I had some of the other ingredients on hand and this is the result:

Thankful Thursday

P.S. It’s all gone.  I’ll have to make more this week 🙂



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