How’s your Thankful Thursday going?  Mine’s flying, thankx for asking 😉  This week has been humid, cool and stormy.  Yea, well, we’re in Iowa.

1.  We went to a family birthday party which turned out to be really fun.  I had to work on the weekend and didn’t really want to go then be tired the next day.  (our family parties always last long!)  But we had so much fun, and it felt so good to be “out” that it didn’t matter the next day.  Surprisingly.

2.  One of my daughters and her husband stopped by at work on their way to the city.  They’ve been traveling to different places the last 6 – 8 weeks so I haven’t seen them at all.  They looked great and we had a good visit – even if just for a short bit.

3.  Today I had lunch with the same daughter whose schedule is now – as she put it – WIDE OPEN.  She is done homeschooling her children as my youngest grandson in her family started public high school.  We had a long, delicious lunch at an Asian fusion place.  It was really kinda nice to take our time and not have her rush off to some activity.

4.  I found out what wildflower of Iowa those blue/purple flowers are – it’s NOT a weed.  It’s called chicory and they’re growing back 🙂

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

5.  Traveler Tidbit of the week:  When I asked this guy to sign our guest book, he laughed but half seriously said he’d sign for $5 and I could get a picture with him for $10.  He obviously did not sign the book!


On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

The Country Heat workouts are still making me sweat and I luv it!  Aaaannd…I almost have the more difficult steps under my belt too!  #syncopatedgrapevineisnotmyfavorite (yet!)

I made more salsa with some of the treasures from my sister in law’s garden.  So we’ve been getting a lot of extra nutritious veggies in our diet lately.

Thankful Thursday




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