There’s not many Thankful Thursday posts left for the summer….it’s just flying by!  And I think even faster when there’s nothing happening in my life except eat, sleep, work and repeat.  lol

1.  Ok, so we did go camping one nite last weekend with our baby girl, her husband and their dog Lucy.  We had to keep spraying ourselves becos the gnats and mosquitoes were out to kill  🙁  We all came away with several bites.  #downsideofcamping  Oh!  And for some reason we ate a late dinner – by flashlight!  But it was fun.

2.  I had my biannual dental cleaning today and the hygienist said I was doing very well.  My appointment lasted only about 20 minutes which included the check on her work by my son-in-law 🙂

3.  Then it was off to meet my youngest daughter at her home where she was letting Lucy run around during her lunch break.  We had a bite to eat and a short, but good visit.

4.  Traveler Tidbit of the week :  Alf from KY told me I was a terrific ‘hostess’ and an outstanding example for our state.  Then he filled out a Comment Card 🙂  What a nice compliment and gesture on his part.  Along the same lines, JE from AZ said that I had a very pleasant personality and that my job was a good fit for me 🙂


On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

I received my Country Heat this afternoon and did my first workout.  This is my new workout love!

Thankful ThursdayThankful Thursday




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