Woohoo!  Another Thankful Thursday is here!  This will be a quickie due to the shortage of time (which I highlight below).

1.  This is the time of the month where I work my two jobs.  I had it scheduled where I would work 4 days, take a day off and then work 4 more.  But then something came up where I had to be up early and in the same town as my part time job.  So I will be working tomorrow, have no days off and instead work 8 in a row.

2. Anyone have Sirius XM?  We had a 3 month trial when we bought our car in January, but thought the $15/month was a bit too high.  I can listen just as well to free radio!  Well, over the last few months, they’ve been asking us to come back at a lower price.  I finally gave in when they said I could have it for $4.14/month for the first 6 months!  For now, it’s worth it.  #commercialfree


On the Fitness/Nutrition Front

3.  I’m still doing my PiYo workout program and I can feel the difference – aka stronger and a bit slimmer.  On a side note, I did Core again but was able to get to 5 minutes left before I felt like throwing up.

4.  Mister brought home some vegetables from co workers this week.  One guy gave him some zucchini so I’ve been fixing it up our favorite way.  Another guy gave him some crook neck squash so I fixed it with some pork burger meat stuffed into the pocket where I scooped out the seeds.   Boy was that delicious.

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday




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