I have a few more highlights for this Thankful Thursday than I did last week.  🙂

1.  While my husband is on partial seasonal lay off, he cooked dinner since I had to work the weekend (Saturday, Sunday, Monday).  He stuffed acorn and butternut squashes with ground pork and roasted the seeds one nite.  Thankful Thursday - December 19, 2013Another nite he cooked some pork chops in an orange sauce he made up and a cabbage, bread crumb side dish.  All was so delicious!  Just the idea that I didn’t have to cook after working 10 hours was a blessing!  He ROCKS!









2.  I was thankful to have a job where I work inside…especially when it was only in the 20s for our highs this week.  And also for the 3 days off I had so I could fit my workouts in properly 🙂


3.  One of my favorite highlights was getting my hair cut.  It always feels so freeing when my hairdresser cuts off 3 inches or more!

Thankful Thursday - December 19, 2013









4.  I received a beautiful Christmas wreath in the mail – just a day after I had thought that I would buy one this year!  It was from my daughter and family who live in Washington.  Thank you Terri, Joe and Edgerton 🙂  Thankful Thursday - December 19, 2013








5.  I was able to get the gifts that I have to mail out of state wrapped and sent so my family and friends will receive them BEFORE Christmas.  This is a huge accomplishment!

Just six days till Christmas. I hope you’re all getting whatever you need done, done!


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