My Thankful Thursday post may be short this week, but it is highlighting 3 BIG important and blessed events in my life.

1.  Over 25 years ago, I received a lifetime birthday present.  Our youngest daughter was born on December 20, the day before my birthday, December 21st.  We have celebrated annually together for the last 25 years.  And so we did on my birthday this year with a Japanese dinner in the city.  We had to fight the icy roads, but it was worth it.  I went to bed feeling so blessed with many birthday wishes via phone calls, texts, greetings on Facebook and Twitter, cards in the mail and from people I saw in person 🙂

Thankful Thursday - December 26, 2013


2.  On Sunday, we had our extended family Chrismas gathering at a Community Center for a few hours.  It’s always good to see everyone who shows up and to visit with them.  After the clean up and everyone had left, we had our little family Christmas and that was a lot of fun! I love having my kids and grandkids all together.  The downside is my one daughter and her family live in Washington state and cannot always be with us.  The bonus was having 2 parties on the same day 🙂

3.  We had a white Christmas…becos the snow had already arrived earlier in the week.  It sure was cold tho!  This is our third Christmas as empty-nesters and I still think it feels strange.

I hope ya’ll had a very nice Christmas week.


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