I skipped my Thankful Thursday post last week.  This is becos new things that put me out of my comfort zone took too much of my time and kept me too busy.  But now I have experience and it won’t seem so daunting in the future.  That’s the benefit of “experience”.

1.  How are you coming along with your Christmas preparations?  I have played my Christmas CD’s but have not started wrapping all those wonderful gifts sitting in my office.  Tomorrow is one of my few days off (first of the month and working two jobs) so I’ll get to it then.

2.  I’ve been really annoyed with my eye issues (seeing prisms, slight eye aches, etc.) off and on this fall.  The doctor says there’s a physical reason; I’m wondering if it’s purely stress-related?

3.  My second daughter and son-in-law stopped by for a nice, short visit at work on their way to lunch in the city.  As always, it was good to see them and they looked fine.  But right after that she told me they got really ill and had to be on antibiotics.  Poor kids!

4.  The first snowfall of the season brought us 6 – 8 inches of nature’s beautiful white blanket.  But I was really happy that it melted pretty much right away within the next couple days.  No matter how pretty, I just don’t like having to deal with driving in it anymore.

Thankful Thursday


5.  Traveler Tidbit of the week:  When Bonita from WI came into the Center and picked up the pen to sign the Guestbook , she asked me, “Did Tom Cruise sign in before me?”  I took a peek and indeed he did…but he spelled his last name a little different from thee Tom Cruise lol


On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

Success!  I managed to do double Country Heat workouts a few times over the last couple weeks.  Woohoo!  It sure felt good working out over an hour each time!




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  1. Emily December 10, 2016 at 2:41 am #

    Wow! Snow!

    • Wanda Einfeldt December 19, 2016 at 7:36 pm #

      You want it? You can have mine 😉

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