So although there isn’t an animal sighting and not much new snow this week to report, I have an “animal sighting in the snow” highlight.  What???  Read on….my Thankful Thursday post for this week follows.

1.  This is kind of a funny highlight – well, at first it sounded scary but I think I’ll chalk up as funny…so I don’t stay scared.  A traveler came in this week and showed me some photos he had just taken outside in the unfinished parking lot which is covered in snow.  They were of HUGE paws that he kept saying he thought might be from a mountain lion or bear and that someone should know about it…you know…just in case!  He said he wore size 12 shoes and a couple photos showed this paw almost half the size of his boot.   So later on, I googled pictures of different paw images and several of us figured it was of a big dog and not a wild cat.  Since we don’t have bears near our location, we knew it wasn’t a bear.  And either the day before or that morning, we had seen two big dogs being walked – or should I say dragging their dog walkers along on their leashes…the dogs’ leashes, not the walkers.  lol

2.  I was recently invited to a baby shower that I was unable to attend.  I found out after the fact that the mother-to-be has a lot of clothes for her unborn daughter (which is what I was going to purchase), so I decided to pick up some yarn and make a baby blanket.  Now this gal has a – how do I say it in a positive way? – a pretty ‘bright’ personality.  So instead of buying regular baby soft yarn which only comes in pastels, I went with the bright bold colors of regular yarn.  This is what I started crocheting.

Thankful Thursday


Told you it was bright!

3.  I worked a full day at my part-time job this week so that means I only worked a little less than 11 hours there for the month.  Either I’m getting really fast with doing my job or there is less work to do.  When I started almost 2 years ago, it took me almost 5 days to do it.  Granted, I was just learning their program and all and soon only took 4 days (about 30 hours) to get er done.  I’m not complaining.  I like having my “free time” from work.

4.  My boyfriend – aka Mister – stopped by work for a visit during his travels for the day.  *favorite highlight of the week*


On the Fitness/Nutrition Front

5.  I’m loving my Power Walking dvd!  And already I can feel some changes in how my pants are fitting.  You bet I’m gonna keep doing this workout!

6.  Not much change in my nutrition.  I continue to strive to eat healthy.  Oh, I did stop eating the salt & pepper pistachios (for the time being).  lol



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