Hey it’s Thankful Thursday again and the highlight that has me the most excited is that the days are getting longer!  I can actually see most of the fields and buildings while driving home.  Woohoo!  Daylight Savings Time and Spring are coming!!!

1.  Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?  We haven’t for a few years.  I think at our empty-nester stage, we’ve come to the conclusion that we show love to each other every day and we can go buy stuff anytime we feel we need or want anything.  So we have mutually agreed not to celebrate it with cards and gifts.  It was bitter cold that day so I stayed home while Mister went to the District Wrestling Meet. I happily stayed in and caught up with some stuff.  And the good news is our nephew made it through and is going to the State Finals.  My husband was a State Champion in his junior and senior years so he was tickled for our nephew.

2.  I finally got a chance to make it to Mass after missing several Sundays due to work and other reasons (like being snowed in).  Our parish had a nice surprise when a parishioner celebrated her 90th birthday by catering breakfast for the congregation.  What a wonderful gift!  Then we picked up two aunts and headed to the nursing home to visit my in-laws.

3.  I finally finished the baby blanket and guess what?  The baby was born this week too.  Awesome timing!  So I just need to make her a card and it’ll be good to go!

Thankful Thursday

4.  Ash Wednesday started the season of Lent this week.  I enjoy this spiritual season, not only becos it makes me more aware of my spirituality and my quest to be closer to my Lord, but also becos I get to eat more seafood.  Yea, ok, I know that’s not the best reason, but it is what it is.  That is what I feel.

5.  This has never happened before…for several days this past week, none of my children were in the same state with me.  We’re not normally physically that close to each other, but it still felt a little strange.  Our oldest daughter and son live out of state anyway, but the two daughters that are within 30 minutes drive of us were both out of the country – one on vacation and the other on a missionary trip for her church.


On the Fitness/Nutrition Front

6.  I’m still doing Kathy Smith’s Power Walking workouts and have started doing them at work too (from memory).  I’m so tickled with this workout program 🙂

7.  I’m not sure if I mentioned that I forgot part of my lunch one day a couple weeks ago.  One of the workers in the other building had his delivered and shared a part of his sandwich with me.  It was a Philly Steak Sub and tasted pretty yummy.  Mister and I decided to check the place out and it was sure worth our money.  I had a BLT and Mister had an Italian Beef (which was like a French Dip, only Italian tasting).  They gave us two sub sandwiches EACH for the price!  I had to have a doggy bag lol



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