It’s time to share what I’m grateful for this week..highlights and not so happy things.  Yep, time for my Thankful Thursday post.

1.  Mom called to tell me that she won’t be doing the second surgery that the doctor wants her to have.  He did not get all of the tumors out the first time becos he couldn’t/didn’t see them.  Mom’s doing a type of cleanse to get her body strengthened and is asking to have a scope in the spring to see if the tumor would be gone.  I don’t think her doctor was too happy, but my Mom is good with her decision.  She is a strong woman and has faith that whatever happens is His will.  I support her decision.

2.  Mister didn’t have to work on Saturday – woohoo!  So we went on a dinner date.  Went to the city to use a couple of gift certificates at a steakhouse.  We hadn’t been there before and it was yummy!

3.  Today I went to get my teeth cleaned at my son-in-law’s dental office – first time there and it went well.  I still don’t really like going to the dentist, but I like newly cleaned teeth and I like seeing him (he checks the hygienists when they’re done).  After that, I had lunch with his wife (my baby girl).  We went to one of those asian places where you pick your ingredients, put them in a bowl and the guy cooks it for you right there on this huge grill.

4.  Then I went shopping for more supplies for my handcrafted greeting cards.  BIG highlight!  Especially cos I found some sale/clearance items 🙂  I had a few ideas inside my head so I made a couple more…

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday


On the Fitness/Nutrition Front

5.  What do you know!  I got 3 workouts in this week. #progress

6.  I must confess my eating habits have not been the best.  So I started drinking Shakeology once a day again.



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