Happy New Year 2017!  This is my first Thankful Thursday post of the year.  Did ya’ll party hardy?  If you did, I hope ya’ll stayed safe.

1.  Mister and I have not celebrated New Year’s Eve out in so long, plus we haven’t been out in months since our house move.  Anyway, we were invited to a wedding/reception on December 31st and also to a bar where our friend was DJ-ing.  We thought we forgot how to party but we didn’t…it’s like riding a bicycle lol  It was so much fun visiting friends and family and everyone was so glad to see us!  That felt good.

2.  It’s the first of the month and after the ‘easy-going’ holiday work schedule, I’m back to normal days/hours. PLUS it’s time for my part-time job hours.  So today is the third day to work in a row, I get a day off tomorrow and then work the next four in a row.  As you can guess I’m looking forward to day #9 of this “week”  🙂

3.  So it’s been eight days since my birthday – which is also the shortest day of the year – and even tho I haven’t calculated it to the minute, I can see the days getting a little longer.  Woohoo!   I’m looking forward to not having to drive home in the dark after work.

4.  Traveler Tidbit of the week:  A lady and her 3 daughters came in and weren’t the friendliest when I greeted them.  So I didn’t bother trying to help them too much and went about my business.  All of a sudden the woman starts yelling in gibberish and when I looked over (cos it made me jump) one of the daughters was signing to her.  Apparently, the lady was deaf (or maybe partially) and was speaking in her own language that her daughters of course, understood.  It was actually quite interesting to observe after she scared me.


On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

I’m still loving Country Heat, but it’s time to incorporate strength training back into my routine.  Where to start tho?  That is the question 😉

I slept in after our New Years Eve partying.  This is what I woke up to…

Thankful Thursday




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