Greetings! It’s been a busy, hectic, negative week around here. So this will be one of the shortest Thankful Thursday posts I’ve done.

1.  Today our son is having neck surgery to screw a plate onto a couple vertebrae to protect the fracture that is close to his spinal cord. Update: it went well (“without a hitch” he said) and should heal just fine. He sent me pictures and it made me wanna cry.  #morepain

2. I worked the weekend…nothing exciting about that – three 10 hour days in a row and this is the time of the month when I work my part-time job also so I find myself playing catch up all the time.  Mister stopped on his way to visit his folks in the nursing home so that made that work day go a lot quicker 🙂

3. I messed up on using my new smartphone in the messaging area and have a bit of a mess on my hands. It will have to work itself out in due time.  Everything happens for a reason…I just don’t know what it is at the moment.  *sigh*

4. I finished the baby blanket for my friend’s baby girl who was born the day after I finished it.  Talk about timing lol

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

5.  I’m still doing my Power Walks and working on sculpting my arms.  I think my triceps are improving…or at least I want to think they are haha



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