I think I blinked my eyes and Thankful Thursday just popped up that quickly again.  lol  I know I said this before, but I “must be having fun” – as the saying goes.  Sheesh!

1.  My grandson stopped and surprised me with a visit on his way to work again.  I love that kid!  But it sure seems he was 7 and staying overnite just the other day!  Whoosh!  Like a time warp…

2.  I pulled a 40-hour week this week…a very unusual thing for me.  Instead of getting a sub, the other gal asked me if I wanted to work the 10 hours she wanted off for personal reasons.  So I did my 3 days in a row, then hers and voila!  40 hours done!  And now I will be going into the time of the month when I work my part-time job too.  Guess that’s why I don’t have many highlights this week.  It’s becos I was working more than half of it and not doing much else.  lol  #deepbreath

3.  I think I’m going to start posting ‘traveler tidbits’ from work.  There’s always a conversation or some “character” that stands out or a remark that’s made by one of the travelers that comes through the Center who is funny or warms my heart or something.  For example a couple weeks ago, a lady asked me if I wanted or needed something – a snack or a pop from the vending machine – just becos I was doing my job and helped her find what she needed.  And this week, a lady gave me this cool pen (that lights up) from her business cos she and I had a lovely chat while she waited out the thunderstorm in the Center.

Thankful Thursday

4.  This week’s flowers are some day lilies that are growing in our ditches.  They are abundant in our neck of the woods.

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday


On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

5.  I received the new Beachbody dance workout program by Shaun T called CIZE.  I really like to dance so I bought the Deluxe package and have 9 workouts to burn calories with.  WOOHOO!  I luv how it makes me sweat!  Not to ignore my power walking of course – I’m still doing those.



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