This Thankful Thursday post includes a Happy Fourth of July greeting.  I hope everyone had a fun-filled, but safe one.  I had to work Friday, but had the next 3 days off so mine was filled with all kinds of fun!  I think I made up for not going out for several months!

1.  Mister had his class reunion over the weekend so Friday and Saturday nites were party nites at the two different bars in town for us.  It was good to catch up with folks I’d met over the years.  And like my own class reunions, there were funny stories to be told and heard.  There definitely was a lot of laughter going on.

2.  The next evening we went to a friend’s house in the country where he put on a fantastic fireworks display.  I was too busy oohing and ahhing, and visiting with friends that I didn’t take any pictures; but believe me, this was the real deal.  I heard that the town’s powers-that-be have asked him to take over their annual show, but he declined.

3.  I was a little tuckered by the 4th, so we almost didn’t go to the street dance that we had planned to attend that evening.  We know a couple of the guys in the band and as tired as we were, the lure of the 60s and 70s music was hard to resist.  🙂  We only danced a couple slow ones and just enjoyed listening the rest of the time.  This was not the nite to cut the rug up all to pieces LOL

4.  It’s the two-job time of the month.  Today was the first day at my part-time job and hopefully next week I only have to do one day there.  I’ve got it down to where I don’t have to work more than 4 days in a row between the two jobs.  Woohoo!

5.  Traveler Tidbit of the week is about kids.  After all, it’s summer time and a lot of them are coming thru the Center.  Two boys ages 5 and 7 came in and the littler guy wanted an activity book (that we hand out).   His older brother said he didn’t want one then he asked me if I wanted to know why.  “Becos I have a tablet that I’m learning all these things on.”  #cuteness

Another set of brothers about the same ages came in and they were so happy when I gave them a couple activity books.  The older one exclaimed, “This is perfect!  I brought my whole art kit with me so I have all these colors to choose from.”  A little later on, the younger one peers around the lower end of the counter and asks me how I got in there.  I tell him there’s a swinging door and he says, “Oh, I thought you jumped over the counter.”  haha Gotta love kids and their perspectives!


On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

One more story about kids.  🙂 When we went up to slow dance the first time at the street dance, about half way thru it this little girl (around 4) comes up and asks if she can dance with us.  As I’m thinking I need to pick her up, she grabs each of our hands and we start to sorta dance.  Then this little boy around 3 years old comes up and says he wants to dance too and grabs hers and Mister’s hands.  She proceeds to have us go in a circle cos she says she wants to do Ring Around the Rosie. Then a girl who looks to be about 5 comes and joins hands and we’re all going in a circle.  I’m thinking I’m not going to “fall down” on the street when it’s time.  So Mister and I don’t, but they do.  lol Then they come back up giggling and wanting to do it again. Yes, all the while the band’s playing Unchained Melody.  When it was time to “all fall down” again, the 3 kids went down and stayed down.  LOL  It was pretty fun!


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