How’s the summer going for ya’ll?  The time between my Thankful Thursday highlight posts are flying by.  Please, if you know how to make it slow down, will you let me know???

1.  There was a mix up with our work schedule and the Friday I was supposed to just work turned out to be the actual holiday so I got paid time and a half.  #bonushighlight  The next day on the 4th, Mister took me on a motorcycle ride.  We drove the back roads to go visit his folks in the nursing home then stopped at a bar for supper on the way back…like old times!  🙂

2.  Our baby girl came by that evening and we watched the town’s fireworks from our windows.  The ones that we saw above the cornfields were so pretty.  The ones that didn’t make it above the corn not so much haha

3.  My oldest daughter flew to Maui to spend time with my Mom for a week.  So I’ve gotten to speak with her a few times.  They are really bonding and for that I am so thankful.  They will have memories for a long time again.


On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

4.  I’ve tried to do Shaun T’s CIZE workout on BeachbodyOnDemand but have had trouble having it stream.  I’ll be so happy to be able to work out from the dvd’s when it launches in less than 2 weeks.  In the meantime I’m still doing my #powerwalks and sculpts and weightlifting with Kathy Smith and Chalene Johnson via their respective dvd workout programs 🙂

5.  The other day I was jonesing it for some Asian type food which didn’t take a lot of time to prepare – so I stir fried some pork and veggies (the pork was marinated in some bulgogi sauce while I sautéed the veggies), then put it in a multigrain pocket bread.  Yumminess 🙂

Thankful Thursday



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