Thankful Thursday is here again and tho it started out cloudy and dreary that was followed by a long morning rain, it has turned into a nice sunny day with perfect temperatures in the 70s.  God is awesome!

1.  Ok, so my first ‘house callers’ came to do a vacuum cleaner demo for me.  He gave me a small bottle of Dawn dish soap as a complimentary ‘thank you’ when I opened the door.  Then I disappointed him and his partner by saying no —>>>> 5 times.  He tried all kinds of ways to get in my door but first of all, I was home alone and did not want to deal with two strange guys in my house.  And secondly I have a vacuum cleaner and not looking to buy another.   Oh, he asked for the dish soap back which I gladly gave him cos I didn’t need that either.  Then they left.  That has GOT to be a hard way to do business.

2.  I got to lay by my daughter’s community pool and start my summer tan.  It was pretty hot and when we finally got into the pool, it felt so awesome we wondered why we hadn’t gone in sooner lol  I think it’s becos it was after going out to lunch with her and my granddaughter and overeating just a teeny tiny bit.  We wanted to just lay and do nothing.   haha

Thankful Thursday

3.  That same daughter, granddaughter and my son in law stopped by the next day at the Center on their way to go shopping in the city.  #loveditasusual

4.  Traveler Tidbit of the week 🙂  Glenda from IL walks in using a cane as I am rubbing the stress from the back of my neck and she tells me I need a chiro.  I say “I wish!” and ask her what kind of literature I can help her find today.  I gather all kinds of brochures and guide books for her and before she leaves she says, “If I had my license I’d take you in the back room and work you over.”  What???  Pardon me?  Then to my blank look adds, “I’m a chiro”.


On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

Fitness-wise –  the unpacking keeps going…

One of the better meals of the week here – baked chicken covered in corn flakes and butter, fried rice, steamed brussels sprouts, and cabbage and lettuce salad.

Thankful Thursday




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