Time for another quick Thankful Thursday post…mainly becos I haven’t done much on my days off besides unpack and clean (still).

1.  It was my weekend off and we got a lovely surprise when our youngest daughter texted that they were out for a motorcycle ride and would stop by on their way back to the city.  It was a good break in the day.

2.  I lost 4 pounds last week on my fast/cleanse.  So I’m going to do it again.  My immediate goal is to break 130.  #Icandoit

3.  I finally went to church – I think I haven’t been since we moved almost 7 weeks ago.  Half the time I haven’t becos I worked on those weekends; the other half is becos I’ve been too pooped from the moving tasks.  It felt pretty good to get back for once!  It was nice to go out to breakfast after Mass too.

4.  Traveler tidbit of the week:  Angelito from CA walked into the Welcome Center with this look that I know on his face.  He asked if I was filipino.  He was, so he was relating.  🙂  Later that day, Jens J. from WY came in and asked me if I was Inuit.  It’s a different perspective, but I have been asked a few times in my life if I’m Indian 🙂  Then he said his wife is filipino from the Philippines.


On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

One of our quickie healthy meals this week was salmon patties and a salad.  Yum!

Thankful Thursday



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