I don’t have a heck of a lot of highlights this Thankful Thursday.  It’s been quite a ho hum week actually.  I’ve just been working on getting my taxes done and decluttering and packing where I can here and there.

1.  Altho I’m not quite done with the task of my taxes, we hadn’t been out (not counting our Maui vacation) for several months again so we went on a date nite.  We went to see Deadpool (comic-type movie) at the quaint, old-time theatre with the cheap admission and then out to a Mexican dinner afterwards.  The movie was ok and the food had changed a little from what I remember for the worse.  Not sure we’ll go back there to eat.

2.  So my sleep got kinda messed up again with the changing of the clocks!  No surprise.  Sure wish they wouldn’t do that anymore.  Does the reason they started that stupid thing (imho) even still exist?

3.  Traveler tidbit for the week:  A guy named Pang came in looking to warm up his Wendy’s burger.  I asked about the wrapper (if it was foil).  He said no.  I found out differently when the microwave started sparking and making bright lights!  Sheesh!

4.  Mister and I went to his aunt’s 96th birthday celebration at a casino (she’s chosen to do this for her last 3 birthdays) earlier today.  The food was served buffet style and tasted very good.  This was a good thing for me to experience cos we have a brochure for this place in the Center.  We didn’t stay to play with the slot machines becos we don’t like throwing our money away.  lol  Oh, and being St. Patrick’s Day, there was a lot of green around…and I’m not talking about money.


On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

Here’s a simple stir fry that I threw together one nite so we could use up some veggies.  I cooked some ground pork, cabbage, onion and sweet peppers.  Then added some leftover steamed asparagus that I cut up and used my go-to seasonings of salt, pepper and garlic powder.  For a slightly different flavor than usual, I mixed in some oyster sauce and water.  It was pretty dang good!

Thankful Thursday




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