How is everyone on this brisk Thankful Thursday morning?  I had to scrape my car windows yesterday morning before heading in to work.  I’m NOT complaining – that’s better than fog.  I mean, at least it was a clear morning for driving.

1.  We turned our clocks back over the weekend and you already know this – I’m not happy about it.  The first nite leaving work after that, I was so scared – not of driving in the dark but stressing that a deer would come across the road and I wouldn’t see it in time to stop.  It’s hunting season and they’re also rutting.  🙁  I HAVE to find a way to get over this stress!

2.  There was a bit of excitement at our humble abode this weekend.  Mister and some friends poured a cement sidewalk around our south deck.  I’ve been documenting the many steps he’s done the last few months – from digging up the tree roots to laying and measuring out the space, to pounding the rocks in place – to name a few.  I am still amazed at the hard physical work he does on a daily basis.  As one of his sisters commented…”it’s good to see the job done from beginning to end to appreciate the work that goes into such things as sidewalks, garage floors, house foundations, driveways, etc.”   I know it makes me appreciate him more!

3.  Guess what?  I didn’t have to work my part-time job except for the one day last week.  So I have more days off this month than I’ve had in a long time!  You can’t see it, but I’m smiling ear to ear 😀

4.  Traveler Tidbit of the week:  Eugene H. from PA came into the Center and asked for a complimentary state map.  I handed him one, he thanked me and asked if I had this other state.  I did and handed it to him.  He said, “Dare I ask if you have (this state)?”  I did and gave him that one too.  He exclaimed that I was a ‘treasure trove of maps’.  lol  Who doesn’t love a treasure?


On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

I’m still doing my Country Heat line dancing workouts but find myself just maintaining.  So this week I’m upping the stakes – more intensity in my moves and more doubling up of workouts.

I’m sharing (a photo of) one of my favorite simple meals here…pork country-style rib, tomatoes from our garden, sautéed mushrooms and jasmine rice.  I tell ya, I’m glad we didn’t have time to put in a proper garden.  These tomatoes (that were planted late) have been blessing us for weeks now!

Thankful Thursday


Have a great week!




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