I love it when Thankxgiving rolls around and I get to post on my Blog on the biggest and bestest Thankful Thursday of the year.  It’s so fitting and today I feel blessed to be able to do it again.

1.  I received my second shipment of Christmas gifts that I ordered online and except for Mister’s gifts, I’m DONE!!   And tomorrow I am playing my new Christmas CDs…just for a quick listen so I don’t have to feel like I’m jonesing it, ya know?

2.  Last week I got to go out to lunch twice (which is something I don’t normally do)!   My 85 year old friend from church said we should do this every month instead of only a few times a year so I said ok, works for me.   And the second one was already scheduled several weeks ago – a Girls Day lunch with 2 of my 3 daughters, my daughter-in-law and this year my granddaughter joined us.  It was a FUN time.  I love my girls and only wish my 3rd daughter lived nearby instead of on the west coast.  She’s my first-born and I miss having her around 🙁

3.  My wonderful husband fixed our tub faucet so we only had to play “Little House on the Prairie” for 4 days.  Situations like this one always make me think how fortunate we are to have running water, showers, etc.  I would not have made a very good “Laura”.

5.  How’d you spend your Thankful Thursday?  We went to our youngest daughter and son-in-law’s house for a non traditional Thankxgiving supper.  Who needs turkey when you can have pork chops in mushroom gravy simmered in a crockpot?  lol  We had mashed steamed cauliflower (yes, it was so yummy with that mushroom gravy!), garlic bread, Hawaiian sweet rolls and my famous Chinese Chicken salad.  We rounded out all of that deliciousness with pumpkin pie and cookies.

Thankful Thursday

6.  Traveler Tidbit of the week:  Duane and Frances from OH waltzed in and asked me to sing the State Song of Iowa of which I had no clue.  So they told me to go online and search for State Songs of America and I will find it there.  Okaaayyy…but singing isn’t in my job description!  lololol


On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

I failed.  I did not get to double up on my workouts for lack of time.  Stuff comes up and you just have to deal, you know?  But I’ll keep striving to reach that goal.  I’ll be doing Country Heat for a long time!




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