I don’t mean to sound negative, but I really am starting to stress the upcoming colder weather and winter 🙁  I know I need to stay on top of it and just feel blessed it’s not freezing yet.  So here’s to a cooler, but not freezing Thankful Thursday post.  lol

1.  We finally got to do something different than just work and sleep.  We went camping with our baby girl, our son in law and their puppy Lucy.  It was a good time.  The weather was perfect, there were some bugs but not too many and it was kinda fun not cooking regular meals (heated canned soup and crackers for supper and bacon and eggs all cooked in the same pan for breakfast!).  I have a hard time anymore sleeping on the hard ground and since we wanted to pack minimally for just one nite, we didn’t take any extra padding.  BUT next time I will take the air mattress that we specifically bought for this (a long time ago!).  I didn’t sleep but maybe 3 hours, 4 tops.  But that’s ok, it was my weekend off and I got to catch up the next couple days.

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday


2.  A couple months ago I found a gift for my oldest daughter whose birthday is today.  I carefully put it away so I would find it and mail it to her on time.  Fast forward to a couple weeks ago.  I could not remember where I had put it!  I said my prayer to St. Anthony and finally after searching for a few days, found it exactly where I had put it.  Go figure!  LOL  From now on I will make a note in my planner or calendar so I will not have to have that panicky feeling again.

3.  So a traveler named Lorraine came in and I handed her a piece of literature that she requested.  Then she backed away from me and said, “Can I make a comment?  You have on a lot of perfume so I cannot be near you.”  My response?   I said, “Ok, let me know if I can help you with anything else” as I retreated to the back room where I had been stocking shelves before she came in.  I have never in my entire life have anyone ever say that to me.  Some Facebook friends pointed out that she might have had allergies which I understand.  And she wasn’t rude or anything…it just caught me by surprise.


On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

4.  I did a variety of routines for workouts this week.  I went back to one of my faves – kickboxing with Les Mills Combat Kickstart, the first CIZE routine I learned – You Got This, and Chalene’s Burn Circuit 3.  Felt so good to burn calories in those different ways!

5.  I made up this veggie stir fry becos I had to use up some veggies – sweet peppers, mushrooms and kale.  It was so good I did it two nites in a row.  The second nite I paired it with corn flaked-covered chicken 🙂  Oh was it yummy!

Thankful Thursday


Till next time, ya’ll have a good week 🙂


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