It’s time for another Thankful Thursday post and this will be a quickie as I feel hurried.  I did get a wake-up call earlier in the work week to slow down tho.  I don’t like wake-up calls.  Kinda like a loud annoying alarm!

1.  So on the 4th, I saw some angles w/prism lights in my left eye.  I meant to call the doctor the next day but as usual, time got away from me.  Fast forward to the 12th and I wake up like I have a hangover – and felt all day like I just came off a ride that went in circles.  There were other symptoms but on Tuesday and Wednesday they had subsided about 99%.  I figured these two incidents were related and thought best to call the doctor.  Turns out they weren’t related, my eye had an issue, but checked out fine and I have a doctor appointment to check out the dizzy spells in about 8 days.

2.  Before all this commotion, we did get to go to a party on the weekend!  Our friend has an annual fall bash out at his river home and it was a good time.  He had been gathering fallen brush from the trees between his house and the river for several months which made this huge a$$ bonfire.  It reached pretty high and actually caught part of a nearby tree on fire for a little while.  So cool!

Thankful Thursday

3.  My traveler tidbit for this week’s blog:  After speaking with her and her travel buddies, New Yorker Ling left and came back to hand me a protector ornament (and some literature).  So cute!  I have been thinking about getting a St. Christopher medal but will use this till I get the medal 🙂

Thankful Thursday

4.   For several weeks now, I have been running into this guy at the grocery store.  He follows me around so we bump into each other in the aisles – and we have exchanged a few words cos I can’t help saying “Hi” to people in passing – it’s in my nature.   But I believe he’s interested in a way that I’m not and Mister isn’t helping me much to come up with a dialogue to stop this 😉   But I have figured out a way so we’ll see what happens the next time we meet in the store.  To be continued…


On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

5.  I couldn’t sleep one morning and decided to get up and start my day earlier than usual.  I was so awake, I decided to get a morning workout in – something I haven’t done in a couple years – and before work to boot!  Go me!

6.  One of my daughters introduced me to a cajun sausage when she had me over for lunch one day when I worked my part-time job.  I liked it so much I went out and bought some and introduced my husband to it.  He loved it too!  I stir fried it with sweet peppers, onion, and celery.

Thankful Thursday




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