This Thankful Thursday post is being brought to you from my annual work conference.  I’m close to home this year – in the Quad Cities.  I hear next year it will be our turn to drive further than 35 miles haha

1.  Now that the weather is getting colder and the farmers are harvesting their fields, we’ve had an invasion of box elder bugs.  A couple days they covered the windows on the outside and camped out on the buildings in the sunshine.  One day it was kinda funny to watch the travelers entering the building while trying not to have the flying bugs land on them!

Thankful Thursday

2.  My postmistress told me that there is a spray specific to spiders that the mail lady has used on the mailboxes.  That is the reason I haven’t seen any spiders in or on my mailbox.  Yay!  I have the deets and if I need to, I will go and buy that spray.

3.  This is my 4th work conference and the best one so far.  I’m more used to the pattern and the hours but I still didn’t sleep well one nite – when I can’t turn my brain off for all the excitement.

4.   It is definitely getting darker earlier.  When we turn our clocks back in a little over 2 weeks, it’ll be dark way before I leave work.  *so sad*  I don’t mind the dark.  I just don’t want to have to keep watching for the deer running across the highways.

5.  Traveler Tidbit of the Week:  Jerry C. from IA kept staring at me when he was browsing literature.  He’d already said he didn’t need help from me.  Finally, he apologized for staring and told me he had been a linguist in Vietnam.  He was confused and wanted to know what my background was cos he couldn’t figure out what I was.  Whew!  Glad he fessed up haha


On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

I haven’t done any official workouts while at Conference, but am doing a LOT of walking so far.  And with all the good food they are feeding us, I’m hoping I lose and not gain 😀




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