I love healthy eating and now have a new favorite salad I wanted to share with other cucumber and tomato lovers.  I did not grow up liking tomatoes at all.  In fact, I remember when I was 13, my mom bribed me with a pair of dress shoes that I wanted.  But being the bull-headed girl that I was, I ate the tomatoes – making faces and hating every minute of it, got my shoes and never ate another tomato until about 2 years ago.  Well, I shouldn’t say never cos I would eat them sliced in sandwiches sometimes, but that’s about it.  Then my husband planted some yellow ones in our vegetable garden and I decided to like just eat some at dinner and it was delicious!  I haven’t stopped since.  I have it in just about all my salads if I can help it.  We had an abundance of cucumbers so we had a lot of that too for salads, etc.  Recently I decided to not add lettuce to my salad and that is how I came up with my new favorite salad.  It’s just diced cucumbers and tomatoes, crumbled cheese, chopped green onion, sunflower seeds or bacon bits and lots of cilantro.  If I have avocado on hand, I will add some of that.  Add a touch of salad dressing to taste and voila!  Heavenly scrumptiousness!  🙂

Healthy Eating - A new favorite salad

What other healthy stuff can you think of to add to this?

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2 Responses to “Healthy Eating – A New Favorite Salad”

  1. steve December 20, 2012 at 8:49 pm #

    Thank you so much for this…i am going to have to try this….well i love tomatoes and cucumbers… i am for sure going to….thank you

    • wanaka January 10, 2013 at 7:01 pm #

      You’re welcome, Steve. You can make it “your own” and add other stuff or different cheeses. I like the very mild taste of the crumbled cheese, but I bet parmesan would be great too. Or cottage cheese if you’re into that and no salad dressing. Just sayin’. Whatever you do, Bon Appetit 😀

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