The other day a Twitter friend said he was having this healthy dish for dinner.  He called it Broccoli & Shiitake Stir Fry with Black Bean Sauce.  As much as stir fry is one of my (many) favorite dishes, I thought it sounded great and figured I could throw those 3 ingredients together, add salt, pepper and garlic powder and call it good.  Then he posted a link to the recipe about the same time I realized I didn’t have broccoli on hand!  But I did have the last zucchini from our garden.  😀  So I used his recipe but adjusted it quite a bit as far as the ingredients go.  The recipe is a Vegan dish with nuts but I wanted to use the ground turkey I had so here is my version of a healthy vegan stir fry, but not vegan 🙂  And…. here is the link to the recipe in case you want to try it.  Someday I will try it this way.  But I want to tell you that it turned out super delicious the way I made it 🙂  I used zucchini, sweet orange and red peppers, onion, shiitake mushrooms and ground turkey.  I didn’t have fresh ginger so used some ground ginger powder instead and I omitted the wine, not becos I don’t like wine, but I didn’t know how the wines I have on hand would effect the taste.


healthy vegan stir fry - but not vegan


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