Here is another simple Asian recipe – soup.  This is my healthy version of saimin, a soup I grew up eating in Hawaii.  It ALWAYS makes me feel good all over – not sure if it’s the heat on a cold Iowa winter day, or that my cells remember the feelings of growing up in Paradise and eating this at restaurants when dining with friends or family – fun times!  The one reason I know I love it is becos I can still see my Daddy eating it (it was one of his favorites too).  He’s been gone to Heaven for over 11 years now and I think about him whenever I eat this – fond memories.

another simple asian recipe soup

Anyway, it is real simple to make from scratch.  I use wheat noodles, chopped green onions, ebi (or bacon bits, leftover chicken or pork), black pepper and won ton soup stock.  Cook and drain the noodles, boil water, add the stock and put everything in it and voila!  Easy, simple and so yummy!  Of course you can add anything else you want – in this photo I had added edamame for more protein 🙂

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