So this easy-to-make chinese chicken salad is a popular one at our family potlucks.  It’s got an asian flair to it and I think pretty healthy.  It’s rare when I have any left to bring back home after one of our parties.

Thankful Thursday


The recipe calls for these three ingredients –

Noodles.  The original recipe uses maifun (rice sticks), but spaghetti, angel hair, etc. can be substituted.  Prepare as directed on package.

Shredded cooked (roasted, baked, etc.) or canned (if you’re in a hurry) chicken

Shredded lettuce


Here are the ingredients for the dressing –


1/2 t dry mustard

2 T sugar

2 t soy sauce

1 T sesame oil (optional)

1/4 c salad oil

3 T rice vinegar

Shake well.

Place lettuce into salad bowl, then the cold chicken and top with noodles.  Pour salad dressing over the mixture and toss gently.  It is ready to serve.

I hope you enjoy it as much as my family does!



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