I start this Thankful Thursday post with a sad “highlight”.   My mother in law passed away today.  I’m sad for her descendants.

1.  We knew this was coming someday.  She’s had alzheimers for I really don’t know how long, but she’s been in the nursing home 14 months.  She stopped eating solid food several weeks back and has been on liquids.  She stopped taking that in a few days ago.  I am happy that she’s now in heaven…and I don’t say that lightly.  She was a woman of God and I admired her for the way she lived her life.  She was not preachy at all and she was fun!  I will miss her – well, I HAVE been missing her for a long time now.  But now it’s final.

2.  Last Friday, I worked the second day of my part-time job and altogether it took me less than 9 hours to get my work done this month.  When I was first hired, they said it would take up to 40 hours each month.  I’m considering quitting this job as I’m getting more hours here and there at my full time job (I work full-time at 30 hours/week but can go up to 40), it’s closer to home and I get paid more so it’s making more sense to quit.  I do like the job and I like the variety in my life, but it’s really not cost effective anymore.  It’s just a matter of time.

3.  We went to a family wedding reception Friday nite.  It was so much fun, especially since we hadn’t been out for a long time.  I danced quite a bit despite my sore foot.  The next day it hurt a little more, but it was worth it.  I prepared ahead, knowing how late our family get togethers/parties always go so I took off work the next morning and only worked 6 hours on Saturday.

4. Work notes – Mister stopped by on his way to go fishing.  Yay!  Ya’ll know how much I like to see him on his only day off from work!  The next day, a traveler named Patti was rude when I asked her to sign our guest book.  🙁  Not that I would be rude back, but I did brush it off – she was in a wheel chair.  This might have been part of the reason she was rude.  Who knows?


On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

5.  My workouts this week has been CIZE, power walking, dancing and my mowing workout.  I sure feel great when I get er done 🙂

6.  I tried a dish I found on Sparkpeople.com called Crustless Spinach, Onion and Feta Quiche.  Mister wasn’t quite sure what to think but he’s always game.  He ate most of it haha  I didn’t have egg beaters or feta so I had to adjust it a little, but I liked it and will make it again.

Thankful Thursday


Another evening I made one of our favorites – pork!  Baked it, made some fried rice with leftover jasmine rice and steamed some cabbage 🙂




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