I have to get off this plateau! I’ve been moaning and groaning this for a while now. And I haven’t done a Shakeology Cleanse in a few months so this is what I’m doing for the next few days.  This protein cleanse is one of the better cleanses I’ve done in my life.  I don’t feel hungry and I’m able to work out at my usual intensity while detoxing.  I took measurements and weighed in so here goes!  Time to shed some fat & clean out the system 🙂

Starting Weight and BFP per scale:  131.5 pounds, 30%  (Note – the Tanita Scale chart says that for my age, 24 to 36% is healthy.  Well, I would be a bit happier to have a number lower than 30.)

Starting Measurements in inches:

Bust:  35.5
Chest:  31
Waist:  29.5
Belly Button:  33
Hips:  38
Under Butt: 36.5
Left Thigh:  19.5
Right Thigh: 20
Arms (flexed):  12.25
Arms (unflexed): 12

I didn’t follow the plan exactly as laid out. I had only 2 Shakes today, not 3 becos I ran out of hours to fit it in.  And I did have some crumbled cheese in my salad cos I forgot not to have dairy, but I didn’t have any sunflower seeds or bacon bits and I forgot the cilantro.  How I did that, I’m not sure cos I love cilantro! Here’s what I ate and drank today: 2 cups of green tea, water, Tropical Shakeology, Chocolate Shakeology, a mandarin cutie, baked chicken leg and salad.  I took a 30 minute walk on our gravel road for a low key workout and did not feel tired or hungry.

protein cleanse


Yea, this isn’t difficult at all 🙂


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