I’ve been wanting to do another vlog for a while but haven’t made the time to do it.  So on a whim, I decided to video one of my hula practice sessions, aka my hula workout, and this is what I came up with.  Since dancing is one of my favorite ways to burn calories, I practice my hula 1. to keep up with the moves so I don’t forget them and 2. as a workout when I’m too lazy to put a dvd into my player and press play.  I plan on vlogging fully dressed in my hula costumes so you’ll have to check back from time to time or find them on YouTube. 🙂

Kindergarten HulaI’ve been dancing the hula since I was 7 years old, danced for a hula troupe as a part time job in high school and have danced as an adult for local school events and wedding receptions and anniversaries.  In the photo to the left, I am teaching the hula to one of my grandsons’ kindergarten class 🙂

Being an Asian from Hawaii in a small German town, this has always been a welcomed talent that I share with my community.  I hope you enjoy the video below as well.







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