I have another short Thankful Thursday post today.  This is kinda fun!  Short and sweet makes for less time consumption lol

1.  The barn cats we inherited have not let us pet them since we’ve been here but they come to the house when they are hungry.  They’ll walk with us to the barn where we feed them each evening.  It’s not that we haven’t tried to pet them – they always run away.  So I was VERY surprised when I got out of the car one day and the orange and white one came right up to me and rubbed against my leg.  When I bent down to pet her, she didn’t run but instead let me pet her and enjoyed it!  I actually was kind of afraid that if I started petting her that she might swipe at me for stopping.  lol

Thankful Thursday

2.  The prisms I saw in my eyes last fall came back and scared me again.  I went to the doctor and she said it sounds like I’m experiencing ocular migraines which I don’t like.  I’m not sure if I had headaches after the fall incidents.  But I had a slight one after this week’s prisms.   I’ve upped my ‘good for the eye/vision’ supplements.

3.  I attended a funeral this morning for a guy who worked in the building across from me.  It’s amazing what you learn about a person from an obituary and also by observing the people who also attend.

4.  Traveler Tidbit of the week:  Barry from MA couldn’t stop laughing when I told him we had the largest bull in Audubon.  I wasn’t sure what he thought was so hilarious.  Different strokes for different folks I guess.


On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

I got to do different Country Heat workout routines this week and am still sweating a bunch every time!  I haven’t been able to master a couple moves, but no worries.  With enough times under my belt, I will get it!  #determination




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