This week hasn’t been too exciting or anything.  I did get better and went back to work, but it’s been pretty ho-hum.  I’m just waiting for the deep freeze to go away and for Spring to get here. So here are a few highlights for this week’s Thankful Thursday.

1.  I’m starting with the negative thing first.  At my part-time monthly job, they have “Jeans Day” on Fridays and I had to work there last Friday.  I own between 10 and 15 pairs of jeans.  Well, on Friday morning, only 2 fit.  What the heck?!?  Needless to say I was not happy with myself.  🙁

2.  The first two weeks of each month I work at both my full-time job (30 hours a week) AND my part-time job (15 hours per month).  This means that between the two, I sometimes have to work 5 to 8 days in a row!  Anyway, I got to leave work in the daylight hours from my part-time job and was so excited to drive home stress-free (aka not in the dark)!  I know I will definitely enjoy the drive home from my full-time job during the non winter months when I get off work at 6 p.m.

3.  On another weather-related note, we had one of those pretty snowfalls where it’s sparkly.  Of course I didn’t have my camera at work so had to come home and take a picture in the dark.  It’s not the same as seeing beautiful powdery snow in the daylight, but you can still see the sparkles 🙂

Thankful Thursday

4.  My girlfriend whom I mentioned is getting married this summer sent out an email to her bridal party about bridesmaids’ dresses and I’m pretty excited about buying a new dress and getting all dressed up!

5.  On my last three days off, I’ve been working on taxes as my appointment with the accountant is fast coming up!  Again, I did NOT totally keep up my bookeeping so I’ve been working diligently at it.  Have I mentioned I have a slight challenge with procrastination in some areas of my life?  I am vowing (again!) to do better this year in those departments.

Keep staying safe and warm!

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