Some of you may or may not have noticed my absence of Thankful Thursday posts for a few weeks.  I’ve been working on a business project that has taken up almost all of my spare time which means I have way less time for many other things (such as blogging).  I just wanted to touch base here and when I become more organized, I will post again.

1.  I did find a bit of time before beginning my new adventure to make a baby greeting card (out of necessity) and that little bit just made me want to take a whole day and create cards!  *sigh*  Anyway, I got this idea from Pinterest and adjusted it.  But I think I need to make the background a little darker.  It’s so simple that I choose this to be my give-away ‘baby’ card for awhile.

Thankful Thursday

2.  It’s that time again of the year when I have to crush my bookkeeping and get ready for the tax lady.  Um…yea, I didn’t keep up during the second half of the year 🙁

3.  I was sad a couple weeks ago.  I took down my Christmas decorations.  Don’t laugh.  I love Christmas lights!

4.  Traveler Tidbit of the week:  If I was rating my travelers, I’d have to say D.N. of MI is my all-time favorite.  He is 2 and came in with his father Stephen who wanted a souvenir.  We hand out Activity books to children and I gave D. one and he said “thank you”.  Several minutes after they left, I heard the automatic doors open and these two guys were in the Center again.  Stephen said D. wanted to say thank you again and really wanted to hug me.  Hey, you don’t have to ask twice.  What a sweet boy!  #Ilovemyjob


On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

Country Heat is still my workout of choice.  I pulled out the most advanced dvd called Dance Mash Up.  It wasn’t that bad, only 24 minutes and I love it!   It was made from some of the faster moves on the other routines and mashed up all together along with Autumn’s favorite songs.  It’s a ‘sweater’ in that it makes ya sweat – a lot.  I’ll be doing this one with the others to make my workout of the day longer 🙂

And here is a picture of some yummy stuffed green peppers, compliments of Mister’s gramma’s recipe that I have adjusted – so really it’s mine now 😀

Thankful Thursday




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