Good evening!  How is everyone this Thankful Thursday? It has been a kind of ho-hum week except for today which was spent at a funeral. But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let’s get to the short list of my Thankful Thursday, shall we?

1.  We had a melting of snow, which brought on some muddy roads (I live on a gravel road, remember?).  That was messy driving, but I am NOT complaining becos it meant the temperature was above freezing.  Until it froze again!  Then what remained were deep deep ruts on our road put there by the semis that drive by.  Our new car is pretty low to the ground, so I couldn’t drive west to get to the blacktop.  In order to get onto the blacktop and to the freeway, I had to first go east, then south and head toward town to get to another country block and head back west and north.  I was doing in reverse what we did when we got stuck in the snow last week.  So it took 4 extra miles and 5 extra minutes to accomplish.  You do what you gotta do, right?  🙂

2.  I’m still working on my taxes. I swear I WILL keep up my bookkeeping this year!

3.  I hurt my back while getting ready for work last weekend.  It hurts when I have to get up from sitting.  This means I haven’t been working out and that really is bumming me out.  My back is appreciating the time-out, but my body is missing the fitness it’s used to 🙁

4.  While tweeting the other nite, someone told me that we are going to be turning our clocks ahead on March 6 to do the Daylight Savings time thing.  I knew a few years ago, the time of the year we did it was changed to an earlier date, but I thought it was for just that year.  Guess I wasn’t paying attention and we must have been turning our clocks ahead in late winter instead of early spring the last couple years.  This just means that overnite, I will be driving in complete daylight ALL the way home!!  Hallelujah!

5. And now the sad notes of my week. I got a call from my oldest daughter that her mother in law had passed away last week.  She was only in her late 60s 🙁  Also today we went to a funeral for the cousin of my father in law.  It’s always nice to see family but not so much the reason for the gathering.  It also makes me wonder if there will be a third death I will hear about within the next week or so?  You know…the saying where they say death comes in threes?  I don’t know who said that but it has held true in my experience.

Ciao till next week.


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