I am feeling mucho blessed this Thankful Thursday!  I really like my life.  It’s getting simpler and I’m feeling a lot lighter for all the decluttering I’ve been doing.  Most of the people in my life are awesome.  There are a few that have brought just a little bit of drama into my life, but I realize these people are around for a reason too.  Not so sure what for, but working on finding out what it is so I can learn the lesson(s) I need to learn.

1.   I found a note when I arrived at work one morning that a friend had stopped in to say hi two days before.  “Sorry I missed seeing you and your mom, Mary!”  I really like when family and friends pop in so I was disappointed that I wasn’t working when she did.

2.  So we had our first get together at our house (even tho not everything is unpacked!).  Our kids and grandkids, Jim’s cousin, his dad and two aunts came to celebrate Father’s Day and it was a nice day.  It was a VERY hot day so we had a potluck in the air conditioned house.  It was a good practice run for future parties 😉

3.  Oh!  I can hear the train that runs between the two small communities I live in – louder and more often than I used to becos I’m closer to the town now.  #notusedtoityet #dontlikeit

4.  Traveler Tidbit of the week 🙂   Bud Weiser from OH signed my guestbook at work this week.  I don’t think that really was his name, but it could be…who knows?  I told you I get all kinds LOL


On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

I’m back to just unpacking and moving stuff around for my workouts this week.  It’s been hot, especially upstairs so the sweat’s been dripping…  🙂

For the Father’s Day potluck, I made maid rites for the first time in my life and it turned out super tasty.  (my recipe)  I also made two bowls of Chinese Chicken Salad cos I knew one wasn’t going to be enough.  We enjoyed the leftovers for a couple days for lunch 🙂

Thankful Thursday
















Thankful Thursday




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