I wasn’t sure my first time making maid rites would turn out great, but it did!  I’m biased of course, but others told me so at the party 🙂  And these Iowans would know!

For our Father’s Day potluck, I wanted to make something simple and easy so I picked sloppy joes.  But not ever having made them before, I researched and found that it was similar to maid rites, just more saucy and sometimes more spicy.  I needed something simple and not spicy for my father in law to be able to eat and not choke on – and I personally don’t care for mushy buns.  So I decided to make maid rites instead and will just have to try making sloppy joes another time.  I combined a couple maid rites recipes rather than follow any particular one to meet all my criteria and this is the simple uncomplicated one that I came up with.

Ingredients –  ground meat of your choice, salt, pepper, onions, sweet peppers, chicken broth, hamburger buns

First I sautéed 2 pounds of ground beef and 1 pound of ground pork and seasoned it with salt and pepper.  I added a small, finely chopped onion and several finely diced sweet peppers, stirred it a bit longer, then simmered it in 14 ounces of chicken broth until almost all the broth was absorbed.

I purchased the sweet Hawaiian hamburger buns, but of course you can use regular ones.

Here’s the end result.  C’mon, don’t you wanna try a bite?

My First Time Making Maid Rites



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