Another week has gone…flown by!  I hope yours has been fruitful and full of highlights 🙂  So here’s my Thankful Thursday highlights.

1.  It was time to get an oil change/tire rotation/check up for our ‘new’ car that we purchased in January.  I found out we have more of these under warranty (aka free).  Sweet highlight scored!

2.  It’s been a little while since this has happened, but I had to work 3 days at my full time job, then I had 3 days off; worked 1 day and then another 3 off.  If I didn’t have a part time job, this would happen more often.  Hmmmmm….food for thought.  I sure cherish my days off!

3.  I had to drive for the first time in the snow this week.  🙁  It was only 2 inches, but whether you recall or not, the last time I had fun driving in the snow (sarcasm) it was under white out conditions earlier this year and that was on my mind and my body still felt it.  I was not a happy person driving the 20 minutes home.  Plus, since the time change, I get to leave work in the dark.  With all the construction work going on in the parking lot, they have removed the lights and put up only 2 temporary ones.  Since they won’t be done with the work till next year, it will be “dark” till next spring (at least).  I definitely needed a drink when I got home lol

Thankful Thursday

4.  This is the time of the year when traffic at the Center slows down…it’s colder, there are less travelers.  But due to all the construction, it’s unbelievably slow.  So I occupy part of my time with reading or letter writing to my out of state friends and family. (we get tired of email and figure we need to keep up our penmanship)  Well, I can only get so much reading and writing done before I get a bit bored with it.  So I began my Christmas shopping list, organized it and began shopping out of catalogs. I’m proud to say that I did 97% of my Christmas buying yesterday online on my day off 🙂  Woohoo!

On the Fitness/Nutrition Front

5.  Not much has changed in this department.  I’ve been enjoying doing the 30/30/30 Fitness Challenge.  I can feel my biceps and triceps getting firmer and my legs hurt from the squats.  Or maybe they hurt from my PiYo workouts.  I’m not totally sure, actually.

6.  I’ve been eating a bit more fruits with the holidays upon us.  I still need to make a change and cut back (again!) on my intake of noodles.  Never-ending saga of my love-hate relationship with that darn carb!


Stay warm!  I don’t care what the calendar says, I think winter’s here 🙁 🙁 🙁


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