Guess I haven’t posted an original healthy food recipe for a while.  For one thing, my camera was broken so I got out of the habit of taking pictures of stuff….especially of my meals.  Well, if you’ve been reading my Blog, you know that I bought myself a new point and shoot camera and am now attempting to remember to take pictures.  So lastnite, I had to come up with something for supper.  I had the day off after working for 4 days straight between my two jobs and eating frozen and canned food and leftovers (quickie meals).  I found some vegetables that needed to be used so I decided to make stir fry (a favorite go-to dish, of course!).  But we had just had chicken and I didn’t feel like using pork, so I pulled out a bag of rabbit meat .  It was already cooked as we had cooked the whole rabbit, pulled it off the bone, cut and froze it.  So I just had to use some bacon grease to give it some flavor (and also since rabbit meat is so lean), add salt, pepper and garlic powder for seasoning and saute it.  It was simple!

I sauteed the meat in one pan, original healthy food recipe


the zucchini and sweet yellow peppers in another,original healthy food recipe


then combined them, threw in some green onions and paired it with a salad for a great dinner.orginal healthy food recipe

Thank you Mom and Dad for providing me with simple cooking skills 🙂



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