I love to cook but I don’t especially love taking hours and hours doing it.  I also like to use up leftovers.  So here is another Asian dish –  simple, healthy easy fried rice – I’d like to share and how I basically do it.  I use olive oil, brown sweet cooked rice, egg(s), chopped green onions, bacon bits, salt, pepper, garlic powder (my 3 go-to spices 🙂 ).

In my frying pan I stir fry my cooked rice and egg(s) in a little olive oil until the egg coating the rice is somewhat cooked then I add chopped green onions, bacon bits, and seasonings.  I stir some more till it’s cooked then I scarf it.  Just kidding.  😛  That’s it.  Real simple.

When/if I want ‘more’ in the dish, I will add leftover cooked veggies and/or cooked meat and that makes a very filling meal.  I have also tried this with other rice like wild, black, brown, white, long-grained, jasmine, etc., but I like this brown sweet one the best.  Once in a great while for something different (tasting), I will not add salt, but sprinkle with soy sauce at the very end instead.

simple healthy easy fried rice



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