A person could get used to this cleansing/detoxing stuff!  And of course a protein cleanse is the way to go.  At least it’s working for me so I’m endorsing it.

This morning’s weigh-in and BFP:  129 pounds, 29%.  I’m down another pound for a total of 2.5 and 1% less on BFP.  Sweet!

I wanted to do more than just a walk for my workout so I did that for 30 minutes and then Turbo Fire Fire 30 Class.  I felt great!  I did get a bit hungry cos I forgot to eat a ‘snack’ (was busy working on projects).  Here’s today’s menu:  2 cups of green tea, water, Chocolate Shakeology, banana, Tropical Shakeology, baked chicken leg (yes, I love chicken!!) and the same salad as yesterday.

protein cleanse



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