This has nothing to do with fitness, health, working out at home, helping others, coaching, making money from home or being an empty nester.  It is just a little tidbit post about my lifestyle.  It’s about cornfields and sunsets in Iowa. I live in the country away from town on a gravel road.  Once a year, when it’s this crop’s turn, we get a natural fence on three sides of our property that gives us a lot of privacy.  This year I noticed that our “corn fence” is way taller than previous years, but I’m not sure why.  Anyway, it’s kinda fun to pretend I’m in a corn forest or something.  Goofy, I know!  A side note – there’s a saying around here that the corn is supposed to be “knee-high by the 4th of July”.   This photo was taken on July 5th.  I wonder whose knee they were talking about?  lol  Another side note – I’m 5’2 so can you guess how tall that corn actually is?

cornfields and sunsets in Iowa

Being out in the country, having no ‘city’ buildings to get in my way of vision, we get to see some really cool sunrises and sunsets too.  My camera didn’t do justice to what I did see in real life, but I just wanted to share a photo.  Maybe someday when I grow up, I can get a real camera lol

cornfields and sunsets in Iowa

Ok, short post.  That’s all till next time 🙂

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