I think Asian food equals stir fry.  I am Asian.  I love Asian food.  One of the easiest dishes to make is stir fry.  It has protein, carbs and oils in it.  Perfect simple healthy dish.  I am not one to use measuring devices when it comes to cooking meals.  Yes, if I’m making something out of a cookbook and I’ve never made it before, and always when I’m baking, I WILL follow the directions of the recipe….but I’ve been known to even tweak them once in awhile.  Sometimes I have to cos it’s a recipe that calls for white flour and I don’t buy that – I have wheat flour in my cupboard.  Or if the sugar seems to be a lot, I will reduce it a little.

Anyway, the basic stir fry goes like this…

Slice or chop up your choice of meat (or tofu) into bite size pieces and saute in your oil for a few minutes.  I like to use olive or coconut oil.

Add in whatever veggies you like or have on hand that you have sliced, diced, julienned or chopped up.  Toss that around for several minutes until the vegetables are cooked – you can hurry the process (or if you like your veggies really soft) – by adding some water and soy sauce (or chicken broth), cover and simmer for a few minutes.

Season with salt, pepper and garlic powder.  You can also garnish with some sesame or flax seeds.

This is a stir fry dish where I used pork, kale, onion, yellow and orange peppers.

Asian food equals stir fry

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Bon appetit!


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